Who We Are

The goal of this page is for people in our area to come together and help each other find information to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Our mission has multiple levels:

1. To share tips and resources to help each other obtain vaccine appointments with the current information available.

2. To post/share when new openings/opportunities arise so people can sign up for them. We encourage posters to put disclaimers about ages/restrictions for new openings so the right people sign up for them.

3. For people who want to volunteer their time to help others who are struggling. Not every request on our page will be fulfilled, but we hope enough people will come forward to make a difference in vaccinating our community.

Remember to be kind and pay it forward if you can when you get ahelpful tip or if someone helps you.

“Thank you, Visualping.io, for letting us use their web monitoring service for free!”

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